How to empower your team

How to empower your team. Leadership Tip #7

What do we really mean when we talk about empowering people? To me, it’s about allowing others to think and act courageously. Do they have your explicit permission to be bold? How do you ‘encourage …

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How to build great teams

How to build great teams. Leadership Tip #4

We all want high-performing teams, but as leaders we need to create the right environment to attract the right people. Hear how Ernest Shackleton recruited the right team and demonstrate this personal sense of purpose …

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Dealing with failure. Leadership Tip #2

Regardless of how great we think we are, things can always go wrong. But, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Good leadership is about how we deal with failure. Do you …

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Penny Eccles Services Video

About Penny

A 60 second description of my skills and the services I can offer to clients

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Improve Student Engagement in Two Easy Steps

Improve student engagement in two easy steps

I remember once discussing the merits of a university’s student engagement campaign to a friend. The campaign objective was to encourage more students to access the university’s hardship fund. It was cleverly executed and worked …

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