Student Recruitment

Improve your Student Recruitment performance for 2023 and 2024 entry

In collaboration with UCAS Media we have built a 28-point framework to assess exactly where you are losing students and where you can prioritise your budget and resource for best effect.

The Leaky Hosepipe Solution is a new methodology using 20+ years of Penny’s experience combined with the power of UCAS data and their expert data scientists to diagnose the areas of greatest ‘loss’ in a student recruitment journey. No two university hosepipes are the same.

What are the benefits of the Leaky Hosepipe Solution?


  • You get maximum value for money from future recruitment cycles. You will be able to assess where you should invest your budget. You can also see where you are wasting time and money.
  • You can potentially leapfrog your closest competitors by assessing their leaks compared to your own.
  • You can see results quickly, which is motivating for colleagues and helps you to achieve targets. You can use it to set objectives for individuals or teams, by assigning them a leak each. You can also make changes mid-cycle rather than wait until the end of the year.
  • It is a great stakeholder engagement tool to engage academic colleagues and other professional leads. It is a clear framework and easy to communicate.
  • It works. This has worked successfully for two very different institutions.
  • Only 20 universities in the first year will have access to this.

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uni open day talks

Q. How important is the open day talk to the recruitment success of your university?

A. It’s crucial

Now, more than ever, we want to put our best foot forward when presenting ourselves at open  and applicant days. We want to make sure that students really get the essence of our university personality, whether we’ll be doing that via videos or webinars or in person. Do you need support in making sure your subject passion comes through?

In one of my blogs I talk about how an open day talk is the equivalent of a Million Pound Pitch. Is your message clear enough and entertaining enough to make your subject talk the one to remember? Or at least one of the best five to earn a place on the 2023 UCAS application?

Now is the time to invest in support for you or your academic colleagues to deliver sticky (memorable) online open day talks.

I am offering individual one-hour Zoom calls with open day speakers to review and reshape the content of their open day talks. The following week, each participant will receive a bespoke written briefing and a 30-minute online session from a skilled coach to ensure you give a memorable performance. Both sessions will be delivered in partnership with the participant to create an authentic and engaging subject session. I have experience of working with VCs, PVCs and senior academic/professional colleagues to ensure their open day message is crisp and clear.


Individual session with content and performance coaching £400 + VAT each


Block booking: 10 individual coaching sessions over four pre-booked days £3500 + VAT

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Leadership / Resources

Leadership Services:

Individual: Mentoring support

Are you, or do you know, an aspiring leader who would benefit from a structured programme of ten mentoring sessions? I’ve successfully mentored several clients and seen them develop their position of influence in their organisations.

Team: How to work better together

Penny is an Insights Discovery Accredited Practitioner which means she can profile colleagues and coach them individually or as a team. This is a powerful way of identifying how the team can better reach their collective endeavour. This can be delivered through individual coaching sessions or facilitation of engaging and dynamic Away Days.

Fresh Pair of Eyes: How can you and your team prove you are achieving Value for Money?

It’s important to get an outsider’s perspective on what your marketing and communications functions do. Are your structures, skills and capabilities fit for purpose for the changing world? Having benchmarked several UK universities (and visited four Australian universities) Penny has a unique perspective on what the team of the future needs to look like. This can be delivered as a ‘Fresh Pair of Eyes’ audit, advice on achieving buy-in across the university or providing leadership support when developing and implementing team reviews or restructures.

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Strategic projects

Penny provides advice on, or leadership of projects relating to:


For most UK universities, clearing is a business-critical event. It can be over in a matter of days, if not hours. The most successful clearing activity starts with a well-scoped institution-wide approach, with clear processes, shared objectives and scenario planning. This can be scoped as an annual plan or a quick-fix approach to achieve measured value for money.

A market-driven portfolio of courses

How a university positions itself in the market is more about its ‘product’ (course) offer than it is about a series of glamorous adverts or social media outputs. Here we can scope a project to get the foundations right for longer-term recruitment success. How can you better focus resources to exit subject areas with reducing market share and develop existing subject areas with greater market potential?

Pricing and the setting of Entry Tariffs

In any purchase decision ‘price’ is a proxy for quality. How are you positioning the quality of your courses through your pricing and entry tariff decisions? Commissioning a competitive positioning report and advice on entry tariff setting is crucial for continued recruitment success (or addressing a course with high insurance choices).

CRM/Stakeholder engagement

Strategic marketing is less about marketing communications and more about galvanising the right stakeholder groups at the right time and ensuring that they are fully engaged with your brand message. Is your CRM plan fully integrated and aligned with the institutional strategy?

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